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About Us

Sanctuary Sol

What we do?

Were experienced practitioners who specialize in Goddess Work and Trauma Healing through a diverse choice of practices, our brands products normalize spiritual celebration through beauty products.

We love to embrace wisdom from all backgrounds, and celebrate unity through unique ritual work, and spend careful time crafting everything sent to you.

Who this is for?

Wisdom seeking mystics who like to stay in tuned with the wildness of nature while feeling like a bold graceful reflection of your soul.

Why it’s special?

You have the opportunity to receive a ritual experience uniquely curated for you, along with a personal reading by highly experienced practitioners. We have taught a variety of classes, including Yoga and Art Healing, Intro to Tarot, Trauma Recovery, and Color Meditation.

We are certified in a variety of modalities including Yoga, Reiki, Theta Healing, Meditation, Herbalism, Curanderismo, and Ancestral Work. We have dived into the shadow of healing ourselves. Through years of dedicating our focus to our healing, and that of others, we realized that the liberation of self-love and discovery is charged through healthy patterns. The intuitive knowledge, and action that takes place when you’ve become accustomed to honor ALL of YOU starts and is lit up through daily ritual work.

We know how often the work you do for your community in your altar can go unknown. Subscribe now so we can start celebrating the gift you are to the world.

It’s not just a ritual, its the message you’re sending to yourself about your role in this Universe.

Yadira Roman

Yadira Roman

I’m passionate about using my voice to inspire healing, and courage. As a feverish writer, and artist I connect everything I do to my spiritual practice. I have been featured in LA Haven, La Guardian and SpiritSense Paper for my contributions to trauma survivors through  Energy Medicine Healing. Certified in 2016 as a Energy Medicine Master I focused on using this tool as a vessel for humanitarian efforts after seeing how effective it could be for trauma victims.

I specialize in ancestral work, sexual trauma healing, and theta healing. I spent most of my early adulthood between the Fine Art Industry and Holistic Practices, I found the gap that is looking us all in the mirror as a collective, and am here to honor and celebrate diversity through all spiritual practices. Creating the space for you to activate the mystic gift in your DNA and live as a thriving embodiment of it all. This results in a peaceful, loving and empowering relationship with ALL OF YOU.

Sanctuary Sol is my platform to speak into you, with love and creative celebration and I see it as an exciting way to share my knowledge and create products that honor the mystic in all of us.

Tierney Carey

Tierney Venus

My language of life is feeding your inner child knowledge and creating a space for you to heal and connect with yourself. I enjoy doing this with parents and children as well! I have a background in family care for ten years now, spending my time cultivating methods that support pagan parenting, and guide children in thriving through their skills, and what brings them joy.

With a degree in Human Service I’ve truly have been able to apply tools from both the spiritual and science spectrums in my teachings, and the results are transformational. As a Yoga Master I focus on breath as being a vital component to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health breaking physical limitations to further expand consciousness.

My key specialties include Taoism Teachings, Yoga and Dance, Guidance Aromatherapy, and Divination, and Coaching Clairvoyants into unleashing their gifts. With a colorful background in various churches including Paganism as my leading force, I honor all beliefs, questions, and paths. For you are a gift to the world as you


“Yadira is truly a gift. Her compassion and loving kindness shine through in her readings. Her connection to source is deep and she communicates the messages she receives clearly. I’ve had several readings with her and am always floored by the accuracy. Yadira is a divine light and her tender spirit and clear sight always leave me feeling held and guided. Her readings are as magical as she is!!”

Magalie Renee

“Tierney has a magical blessing of guidance and warmth she has worked very hard to create and share experiences with others that cross her path. She is very professional as well as empathetic to her clients needs allowing for a deeply personal experience when she practices what she has learned. I personally feel She totally under charges for her services because what she does is way more valuable than money can express. ? ? ? ”

Nate Hallmarkk

“Everything the girls at Big Breath Wellness make feels so personal and perfected. They never put out products that don’t feel fully heart felt and made with care. There skincare and hair oils are now things I often stock up on because my hair is healthier than it has ever been, and my complexion is smooth and finally oil free!”- Caley Misserh