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Eclipse Season Clearing & Cleansing Bag-Lavender Hag Torch & Bath Blend

Eclipse Season Clearing & Cleansing Bag-Lavender Hag Torch & Bath Blend

The striking energy and sudden revelatory movements of eclipse season swings all ways. Sometimes when the veil is pulled back during eclipse season, we find ourselves laughing in joy. Those dark corners, in fact, were growing crystals and the perfect spot to brew a long-forgotten tincture of soul wisdom.

Fortunately, we’ve never been meant to heal alone. Eclipse season can act like a shared community catharsis and coming together as we share in this celestial event.

Herbs can act as sturdy shields and gentle hugs. They can calm the roaring thoughts of a restless mind and repair the tenderness of a wounded heart. Often, our plant kin help us to adjust our physical and energetic stance so that we are better able to perceive what needs to be known in order to heal. And they are amazing allies during times like these when everything seems significant but sideways.

This bundle includes an herbal bath bland with oats, mugwort, chamomile, cat nip, damiana, coconut leaves,lavender, rosemary, and bath salts

Harvested in our local lands the lavender hag torch is a fierce ritual ally.



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