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These sessions are welcome to practitioners both new, and seasoned as the rituals explored in our Spring Curanderismo classes work to amplify your experience to your practice, as well as that to the land you share space with. Mexican, and SouthAmerican Folk use also known as Curanderismo is a tradition based practice, and one that continues to expand based on the changes in our global environment both socially, politically, and environmentally.

what to expect-

lessons on conducting a safe, and effective white fire limpia


YOGA NIDRA is a unique state of consciousness, an effortless state of being where the body is in a deep state of sleep while we can perceive thoughts, emotions, and reactions moving through a vaster version of ourselves.
The best part of it? It’s EFFORTLESS, you’re lying down, listening to a guiding voice, and floating…
BENEFITS of consistent practice
  • -improve sleep
  • -decreased anxiety
  • -improves creativity
  • -replenish the body on a cellular level
  • -soothes the NS
  • -rewire neuropathways in the brain

Our instructor Sylvia Kleoniki is a certified Restorative Yoga teacher and currently training to master the 11 steps method of Yoga Nidra She has 14 years of experience in different meditation techniques and extensive training in the personal development field with focus on emotional intelligence and the usage of creativity to promote peace, culture and education

“Connecting to you with all my heart and soul from bella Italia 🇮🇹  “- Sylvia Kleoniki

She will be offering sessions at 12 PM EST as well as 6 PM EST on each Thursday in the month of May to offer as much support during these unique eclipse and mercury rx overlapping seasons.


Hot hands, Energy Medicine, Reiki, Tocadesa, are all examples of the Alchemy of Hands on Healing. Through my own curiosity I received certifications in all during the start of my path as a spiritual practitioner and have found these common practices to all have the same goal in common. It is a simple and powerful healing technique that works to balance out the energy system of the body which often leads to improvements in health, increased relaxation and improved wellbeing. If someone’s “life force energy” is low or blocked, then they are more likely to become ill. If it is high and flowing smoothly through the body (i.e., through the meridians), then the person is more resilient to disease and is happier. The goal of balancing the person’s energy is similar to that of acupuncturists or acupressurists, however, with the art of hands on healing, the Practitioner does not necessarily need to touch the body…it can be done from an entirely different continent of that of the receiver. The power of our hands are historically known to heal-so come have fun and explore what you can do. It does not require any special equipment or environment.



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Yoga Nidra, Intro to Curanderismo, Alchemy of Hand Touch Healing

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