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Mother Mary Ritual Candle With Roses (includes dropper oil)

Mother Mary Ritual Candle With Roses (includes dropper oil)

Mother Mary has always been revered as a symbol of the Great Mother, even when religious doctrine and patristic state control sought to strip away devotion to the Goddess.

Matristic wisdom, however, finds a universally relevant, unconditionally loving and healing set of qualities in Mother Mary.

The archetypal themes of Mother Mary are:
Unconditional love and forgiveness
Connecting to our feelings
Healing through releasing tears
Compassionate witnessing
Nurturing and healing the inner child

This candle includes a rose and geranium and lavender dropper oil to connect and use as an offering as well as application to the skin during prayer. The candle is blessed with her preferred herbs in a safe manner-expect herbs not to cover the top as this is a fire hazard.


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