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Zodiac Magickal Facial Set

Zodiac Magickal Facial Set

Zodiac Magickal Facial Set comes with a wild harvest bag of herbs to steam your face, and powder mask 2 oz jar that connects and honors the energies of your selected Zodiac sign.

Aries Mask– This honey and rose blend works as an Antioxidant and this harvest bag ignites passion & protection

Taurus Mask– Indian Healing clay powder firms skin, replenishes and its harvest bag creates a soothing and nurturing soul experience for you

Gemini Mask– French Green Clay, Meziuo clay, and Neem powder mask clears pores, works as an antioxidant & firms your skin while working with the power of your sacred messages.

Cancer Mask– Nurturing Cocoa and Rose mask powder powered by clears your pores & your heart with an emotional cleansing harvest bag

Leo Mask– Tumeric, Bentonite, and Senter Clay powder go bold, and clear, while this harvest bag matches how vibrant and energizing you can be

Virgo Mask- Chorella, Neem,and Honey Powder tackle clearing, firming, and invigorating your skin with a grounded harvest bag for focus, and wisdom.

Libra Mask- Seaweed Powder, Arcilla en Polvo, and Fullers Earth are a force to get things right in your complexion matched with a gentle yet warrior like harvest bag to celebrate the nurturing justice seeker within you.

Scorpio Mask-Bentonite & Butterfly Pea Powder take you into the mystical darkness with a uniquely mystical harvest bag taping into wisdom while firming and clearing your skin

Sagittarius Mask- Keeping it simple with Bentonite and Fullers Earth to make space for a philosophers harvest bag packed with intuition and soul guiding herbs.

Capricorn Mask-Neem, Honey, and Fullers Earth Powder clear and ground you with a gentle harvest bag meant to open a stubborn Capricorn wall into a productive heart center.

Aquarius Mask- Blue Costa Rican Powder, Blue Butterfly Pea Powder with Seaweed Powder take you into traditional powder mask approaches while its harvest bag is electric and playful.

Pisces Mask-Arcilla en Polvo with Seaweed Powder take a moment to take in all the emotions and wisdom that you hold for the planet as a whole, our harvest bag is all about self love.


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Weight 2 oz

Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

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